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After Bo and Chen: How Beijing’s Intrigues Will Impact U.S.-China Relations


TIME’s cover story this week (available to subscribers here), penned by our China bureau chief Hannah Beech, traces two separate yet equally convoluted political intrigues that have rocked Beijing and, as Beech writes, “riveted the world.” The first is the scandal of Bo Xilai, the charismatic politico and Communist Party scion whose astonishingly public fall from grace began with the mysterious arrival of his deputy at an American consulate. Subsequent revelations blew open a lid on corruption, deceit and murder at the heart of the Chinese state, all at a time when the head honchos in Beijing hoped for nothing more than a smooth, quiet leadership transition at the top.

The second story line has to do with Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist (and member of the TIME 100 class of 2006) kept under house arrest for half a decade until his dramatic escape this week to…

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